Harrison Ford appears at Star Wars event!

Hurry up, LA fans!  There will be a digital screening of Empire at the Arclight.

And Harrison Ford will be interviewed at the same event!  How often does that happen.

This is all to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, so the prices are up there.  But if you can afford it and you can get there, this is a rare opportunity.  Hurry!

(There are more events scheduled.  For those outside of LA, don’t despair!)

4 Replies to “Harrison Ford appears at Star Wars event!”

  1. What is the source for thinking it is the 1980 version of Empire? Neither the linked article or the post on StarWars indicates that. More thank likely, it is just the current DVD version.

  2. Sorry. I misread the sentence. It’s fixed.

    Thanks for catching it. I got really excited there.

    Of course, Harrison Ford. How often does that happen?

  3. Oh man, why do I live in the wrong city of the wrong country on the wrong continent? Argh! ;-) Plus to this day I’ve never seen Empire on a big screen. Damn you, theatre that pulled Empire too early for me to catch in ’97! :-P
    But having Harrison Ford at a Star Wars event… Isn’t that history book material?

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