Harrison Ford: Abrams is a “great storyteller”

Harrison Ford may not be talking about Han Solo, wink wink, but he did have a few things to say about J.J. Abrams to MTV

Meanwhile, Vulture recaps some questions that got through to Ford at the Ender’s Game panel.

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  1. I think that was the most I have seen any of the IV-VI cast act like it might not happen, it made me smile. George Lucas already told us.

  2. Oh, now, see, I thought he was totally trolling. Not very obviously trolling, but with that wink wink there at the end? It’s totally happening.

  3. @Jason: Actually, Lucas didn’t tell us anything. He only confirmed that they had been in negotiations before the takeover and that those negotiations had been progressing nicely. That’s no confirmation for anything except for the fact that the inital outline / first draft script had some room for the Big Three. Who knows if that outline is still the foundation for what will become Episode VII (Lucas doesn’t seem to be involved at all right now, so maybe his ideas went out the window, too) or if Disney is even interested in bringing back the Big Three (looking at the shape they’re in, a production company might reach the conclusion that the old band is simply not worth the investment).
    That being said, I believe that they’ll play some part in the sequels, too. What I don’t believe is that the Big Three are absolutely necessary for the sequels to succeed (except perhaps for Mark Hamill).

  4. Oh, I know, Aaron.

    In that moment, Lucas revealed that the treatments had Luke, Leia, and Han in them. If the deal went sour, it would be a contentious issue behind the scenes, not something Lucas would tease to the press. At least it would be very weird to do that. Can you imagine that? “These people don’t want to be in my movie” or “we couldn’t come to a deal” so therefore “I’m going to tease their appearance in the next film!” It just doesn’t make sense and isn’t professional. Lucas is a professional.

    This is like a birthday where your parents got you exactly what you wanted and they know you know you’re getting it, but they aren’t going to tell you until you open it. We open that present at the Disney “big whoop-de-do” to use Lucas’ language.

    I also think we’ve known Han, Luke, and Leia were not the foundation of the idea for the sequel trilogy. If they were, they were Lucas would not have told them he would write them out and they would not be recast. The idea was flexible enough to move on without them. It is anyone’s guess how big their involvement will be, and after they were signed their roles might have been liberally expanded to fit the needs and whims of the creators.

    I spent an hour, five feet from Mark Hamill at the Egyptian Theater screening where Mark Hamill talked about going to story meetings and what he hopes he gets to do in the next movie. Ford is winking at the cameras. Fisher is saying she’s in it every other week and then her agent is calling people back saying she was kidding, we don’t get her sense of humor, she’s not in anything!

    I’m not saying this is “confirmation,” because it isn’t. But I’m a little over pretending like confirmation matters at this point.

    What I keep wondering is if they are going to announce Han, Luke, and Leia with the new cast or if those announcements will be separate.

    All that said, I’m still going to freak out like a 12 year old at a Beatles concert when it is made official.

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