Han never shot first? One fan looks at the evidence

Michael Heilemann takes to the archival footage and shooting screenplay to see if there’s evidence for George Lucas’ claim that Greedo always shot first.

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  1. Here! Here! It’s really gotten to the point where all one can do is laugh. I’ve wasted so much energy on frustration and anger, and even rage on “explanations” such as this from GL, and now I can only Laugh. I’m only 31, but I treasure the OT like I’m 45, and was there for all of them. ROTJ was released when I was almost 3. I like part of the PT, but always stand true to the OT; not Special Editions, which are weak, insulting, and inevitably unnecessary & useless. I like most true believers don’t necessarily mind the existence of the SE’s, but just want the option for the love of the Force! If Sir Ridley Scott can give us a ridiculous amount of choice for Blade Runner & the Alien Quadrology, then the Beard can get off his pretentious horse of what was “supposed” to happen, and just offer the kriffing choice already. Until I have a OT unadultered and cleaned for Blu-Ray, I’m happy with my straight laserdisc tranfers on DVD for now. They may be grainy, but it kind of feels better that way anyway. Thanks for reading this from me, and remember that Michael Heilemann is quite the intelligent person.

  2. Wow, that’s an awesome article and he makes great points. I don’t think I’d mind all of George’s stupid changes so much if he didn’t just lie through his teeth all the time. Why’d he write the script that way if Greedo was “always” supposed to shoot first?? Why not write a big fat “NOOOOOO” for Vader into the ROTJ script if that was ALWAYS more to his liking? If George would just admit he wanted to change/soften Han’s character, etc., I think fans would be more understanding. It’s all of these weird, untrue statements which directly contradict his own previous words that have cost him so much goodwill. I’m sorry he’s so publicly hostile now toward the very fans who loved him and his original work so much.

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