Gunman opens fire at midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises

Well, this is horrible. A man wearing a gas mask fired into the crowd at movie theater in Colorado during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. 12 are dead and at least 50 others were injured, some of them children and teens.

The gunman is in custody. At least two guns have been found.

4 Replies to “Gunman opens fire at midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises

  1. The one bit of news I’ve heard about this that actually made me feel the slightest bit better- was on NPR– apparently Batman is popular with law enforcement officers (duh) and there were many in attendance at the movie. They quickly went into action helping the wounded and directing people out of there. Batman may have the millions and the suit and the fancy gear, but they have the bravery, strength, and dedication. Thank goodness we have people who are called to help our society.

    What a horrible tragedy and my heart goes out to all those affected directly and indirectly.

  2. This is truly awful! No laws will ever stop nutters with guns I’m afraid. good though that the police managed to apprehend the guy.

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