Great moments in online ‘ignorance’

Anyone know where this kid can watch Revenge of the Sith online? Hmm. I bet these guys would know!

One Reply to “Great moments in online ‘ignorance’”

  1. I’m not sure who’s more annoying. The kid who apparently doesn’t understand the concept of Blockbuster or, at least, Google, or the rather strident person using the post as a springboard to bitch about the prequels. Yeah, I think AotC sucked big hairy goat balls, but I loved RotS, and last I checked, a Supreme Being didn’t suddenly blow a magic aura up my ass that made my opinion any more valid than anyone else’s. Not sure why this person thinks they possess said magic aura.

    I can’t wait until someone invents the “Would you like to delete this user from the internets?” button for me. I’d have used it twice in that post alone.

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