Go behind the curtain of (some of) the early Expanded Universe with WEG’s 1994 style guide


Pablo Hidalgo dig out a real gem to share with Twitter this afternoon – a 1994 style guide for writers submiting to the West End Games Star Wars line. Head below the cut for his tweets.

West End Games was responsible for the first Star Wars roleplaying system, Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, from 1987 to 1999. As nearly the only (official) storytelling game in town in those early years, their sourcebooks were used as background by the early Expanded Universe writers, including Timothy Zahn, for the novels. (The Holocron was a long way off.) In short, WEG’s influence was heavily felt back in the pre-prequel days, and their novel-centric sourcebooks were heavily sought even by non-roleplayers.

WEG was also, via their Adventure Journal, responsible for some of the earliest Star Wars short stories – and one of the few venues where your average fan might actually get a chance to have a story published. (Some of these stories were later collected by Bantam in Tales from the New Republic.)

::side-eyes New Jedi Order::

(No, none of this actually applied to the books, but still.)


::side-eyes Corellian trilogy::

On the Empire:

Oh, WEG. You left us too soon.

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  1. Not a day passes that I enter into my office and lament the way they went down.
    Although… if it was not for their warehouse sale, I wouldn’t have such a big collection… hmm…

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