Get taken to the Maul with The Clone Wars season finale!

Attention TK-Mart shoppers, there’s a special on Star Wars: The Clone Wars this Friday: the first part of the two-part season finale featuring the return of the warrior who’s half Sith Lord.. and half not, Darth Maul. Stock up now on the following voice actor goodies as you prepare for the end of season four:

And remember, when shopping at the Darth Mall, all prices have been slashed in half!

3 Replies to “Get taken to the Maul with The Clone Wars season finale!”

  1. I really enjoyed Ashley’s article. I hadn’t made the connection between fandom costumers and sports fans but it’s so true.

  2. Mark: it was too good to pass up.

    Nancy: the sports thing is my basic answer to when people think dressing up in costume is for nerds. is it any different when people dress up like freaks for [insert their favorite sports team] games. it’s just one thing fans do to show their pride.

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