Get a closer look at Hallmark’s 2013 Star Wars ornaments

Ignore the page numbers! This is page 70 of the online Dream Book

We got a look at them earlier, but now that the 2013 Keepsake Ornament Dream Book is live so you can zoom to your heart’s content. The Star Wars stuff lives on page 70.

And don’t forget about the NYCC/SDCC-exclusive rancor!

UPDATE: And here’s a limited edition Boushh that you only have to travel as far as your local Hallmark store to get! (Granted, the limited editions still sell out quickly.)

2 Replies to “Get a closer look at Hallmark’s 2013 Star Wars ornaments”

  1. Yeah. The con exclusives have really screwed up my tree. :)

    These are pretty cool, but did we really need another Fett?

    (Yeah. I whined about this when we got the first images.)

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