George Lucas: Indy IV is “just a movie”

Oh George. Love them or hate them, everyone remembers the reaction to the prequels. In other words: We know!

In less angsty news, on May 18th the Sci-Fi Channel will be airing the three Indiana Jones movies, along with a Mystery of the Crystal Skulls investigative special.

3 Replies to “George Lucas: Indy IV is “just a movie””

  1. Ahahaha, is it wrong that I sort of feel bad for him? Sort of. He’s not going to win this one, I think. Oh, George, indeed.

  2. Well, he might. Not going to damn Indy IV prematurely, but I’m not expecting it to be flawless, either.

    Anyway, my favorite is Last Crusade, and he’s been ripping that one in interviews, too. Oh, George. :D

  3. There’s no way they can win. He’s right. The expectations are crazy. And he’s catering to all of us, who are also crazy.

    But I also don’t like seeing him put down 1 and 3, either. I still enjoy those!

    Of course Nolan did hit it on the nose. You do feel as if some religious observance is needed to be around him.

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