Gate Geek – Hee hee! It’s SGU Premiere Week!!

It’s finally here!  Stargate Universe finally premieres this Friday in the US and Canada.  The UK gets it October 6th.  (Cruel.)  Given the loads of good reviews it’s getting, I suspect that even those Stargate fans who are still annoyed about how it all went down will want to check it out. 

Here’s a particularly enlightening, yet non-spoilery review from ChicagoNow.  (Do you know how hard it is to find a non-spoilery one?)  He’s so excited about it, he’s dedicating his whole week to it!

The cast and crew got to watch it on the big screen on Saturday.  They’re pretty psyched about it, too.

So is SyFy who is actually promoting it with videos.  And it looks like they’re spelling the character names correctly, as well.  Could this be a new era for SyFy and Stargate?

Can we get any more excited?!

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