From the Blogside

Six Deadly Justifications of the “Star Wars” Movie-Verse from Citizenjess and Patientalien. My god, have they been suffering through reading too???

NerfHerdersAnonymous on a key Star Wars/Mozart connection. Friday was the composer’s 250th birthday.

Lavagrrrl on participating in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s Music Of The Star Wars Saga.

Imadra_blue’s thoughts on Alternate Universe and Alternate Reality fics in Star Wars and Harry Potter fics.

Oninobara on Padme and her relegation to the ghetto of the “Loving Girlfriend.”

Jediwonderboy rants on how Han Solo has been written in the EU. Courtship of Princess Leia: Bring SW fans together in WTF moments since 1994.

Anton of Link Right 2 on the Ben Franklin commemorative coin’s freak resemblance to Palpatine. Spooky.

Slithytove on the difference between science fiction and fantasy.

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