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Apparently some other space franchise is 40 years old this week. Pablo has some thoughts on Star Trek, the mother of modern fandom.

JawaJoey considers the upcoming DVD release and reaction. I’m gearing up for the flood of disappointed/overblown/smug blog and forum posts myself…

Nar Cranor has advice for folks wanting to start a fansite. He has some good points, but it seems to me there’s a lot more to it than just finding something new… You have to do it well. Or at least, better than anyone else doing the same thing. And don’t start a forum (or a group blog…) unless you’re pretty sure you can bring in enough folks to populate it properly.

Reviews: RJ Peters on Bloodlines, and Suzanne takes on both Betrayal and Bloodlines.

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  1. A lovely Trek tribute by Pabs. I’m feeling very old, now, but a lovely tribute, nontheless.

    And a very amusing blog about the originals coming out by JawaJoey. I can’t wait to hear the thuds of disappointment from around the world as people realize that maybe the theatrical versions weren’t all that nifty, after all.

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