From a Certain Point of View short stories will include looks at Biggs, Beru

Del Rey offers hints at a few of the stories from their 40th anniversary collection, From A Certain Point of View. They also seem to be the stories highlighted in the book’s blurb.

    Gary Whitta bridges the gap from Rogue One to A New Hope through the eyes of Captain Antilles.

    Aunt Beru finds her voice in an intimate character study by Meg Cabot.

    Nnedi Okorofor brings dignity and depth to a most unlikely character: the monster in the trash compactor.

    Pablo Hidalgo provides a chilling glimpse inside the mind of Grand Moff Tarkin.

    Pierce Brown chronicles Biggs Darklighter’s final flight during the Rebellion’s harrowing attack on the Death Star.

    Wil Wheaton spins a poignant tale of the rebels left behind on Yavin.

From A Certain Point of View will feature 40 short stories from more than 40 authors. It’s due out in hardcover and eBook on October 3.