Frank Marshall confirms Indiana Jones 5

Empire magazine gets the scoop from producer Frank Marshall that a fifth Indy film is in the works, confirming earlier reports from Shia Labeouf that a Indiana Jones 5 script was starting up. Just no more aliens, ‘kay?

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  1. I agree. Extraterrestrials are far less plausible than gold boxes that emit spirits and death rays, stones that make agriculture possible and cups that can either grant or take life.

  2. Indy movies were never meant to be about sci-fi they were always more of a realistic movie with elements of fantasy. Aliens? That was just going way too far. Personally if the next one botches it up as bad as the last I’ll never watch an Indy movie again (even the originals!).

  3. Wow. I think that’s probably taking it a bit too far, but whatever. I think though that it’s more fair to say that Indiana Jones has always been about embracing the pulp tropes of the era it was portraying. In the original three it was all religious artifacts, ancient cults, sneering Nazis and villainous adversaries reflecting the adventure serials that played in theaters in the 1930’s. Crystal Skull though, while not maintaining the same standard of quality as the original films, embraces the crappy, B-grade sci-fi films of the 1950’s, filled as they were with ancient astronauts, communist femme-fatales, and nuclear paranoia. It isn’t a change that I really sympathize with, given my preference for that older story-telling style, but I can certainly see what Spielberg and Lucas were trying to do with changing the formula to match the times, and respect it from a story-telling standpoint. I just wish that it had been handled more cleanly, and hope that it will be in the future.

  4. does that mean for more 50s/60s era Indy films, we’ll we might see radioactive giant monsters? that would be awesome.
    giant ants from Them would make the siafu from Indy IV look like …well.. ants.

  5. That’s kind of what I’m hoping. Many people equate 50’s sci-fi with Ed Wood, but there’s a real wealth of interesting ideas that could be mined and reincorporated with the “ancient artifact” angle. I’d love to see an Indiana Jones film that covers things like cryptobiologicals and radioactive monsters while tying it into a Pandora’s Box story. I mean, they can do aliens, they can do lost Hyperborean civilizations, they can do… well, whatever. There are a frankly disgusting number of things and a lot of people will eat it up as long as they handle it in a way that is respectful and honest to the nature of the franchise.

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