FOTJ: Apocalypse moves up to March

Del Rey’s Erich Schoeneweiss annouced that the street date of Troy Denning’s Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse – the final book in the series – has moved from April 3 to March 13. I normally don’t make stand-alone schedule posts for a single book, but with the gap between the last book and Apocalypse so large, even a 3-week date change can make a splash. (At least on a day when I’ve already posted an EUbits.)

4 Replies to “FOTJ: Apocalypse moves up to March”

  1. Why wait so long to release it? I’ve enjoyed this series but found the huge gaps a tad annoying. I’ve literally had to sit and re-cap with myself for ten mintues what the hell happened in the last book before reading the next one.

  2. It is a tad annoying. Whenever I see my folks, my mom always asks me to bring the newest Star Wars stuff to lend her…but the schedule on FotJ has been so screwy that every time I bring her one I have to get her up to speed again. I know that this sort of thing does regrettably happen in publishing, and then there were Aaron’s unforeseeable health issues, but it does seem as though this series is having a particularly hard time keeping dates.

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