Flashback: A more innocent time

IMAGE: LucasArts mag

Kotaku scans a 1993 LucasArts catalogue. I’m actually a little tempted to break out my old copies of the Insider (this was my first issue) and Star Wars Galaxy… Or, y’know, sell ’em to some Wookieepedian via eBay. (How much, boys?)

Yeah. I don’t think of myself as a collector, but why else am I hanging onto 76 plus issues of outdated fan magazines? I HAS THE FANGIRL, PLEASE SEND HELP.

3 Replies to “Flashback: A more innocent time”

  1. The good o’l days…the first half dozen or so issues of Star Wars Galaxy were just great reads from beginning to end, still some of my favorites. And the Insiders from that time put the recent Insiders to shame, in particular the new #100 – I mean, 100 entries from…the starwars.com Databank? They couldn’t even get anyone to write an article?

  2. The Insider isn’t for the informed fan, really. Anyone who follows the SW news day in and day out isn’t just going to get much out of it. And back in the day, we didn’t have these sources. Think back: There was no (or little) StarWars.com, no big fansites or blogs that posted daily, not that many boards and such. Fandom wasn’t as organized as it is now. So naturally the Insider has fallen from esteem. It gets a lot of flack for that online (I’ve done it myself) but it is what it is: a news source for casual/busy fans. Not for the likes of us.

  3. Yeah, but compare that to the Insider of just a few years ago, when they were regularly putting out decent short fiction (Elusion Illusion, Hero of Cartao) and some incredible source articles (History of the Mandalorians, Who’s Who: Imperial Grand Admirals). Now, we’re just getting lame rehash interviews and material that’s barely on topic.

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