First trailer for X-Men: First Class

I’m honestly not sure what to think about this one, but it certainly is pretty.

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  1. Interesting that both this movie and Captain America are going back into the past to tell their origin stories rather than making them more contemporary (like with Spider-Man and Batman Begins), although the way that both of these tie into larger franchises (X-Men movies, and Avengers universe of movies), they do need to go in to the past to maintain continuity.

    One of the benefits of the past they are diving into is that there’s clear “bad guys” that can be used (WWII and Cold War) without any need to worry about offending modern groups. Or is it a need tapped into by the filmmakers to show a time when America was able to clearly show its power in a worldview with a clear enemy.

  2. Paula: I’d read SOME of the comics, but the bulk of my X-Men knowledge all comes from the 90’s cartoon and the backs of trading cards. So.

    I liked the first two movies. The third one, well… It had two different plots that might have worked if they hadn’t been stuck together? Erm.

  3. Paula: Yes. ;)

    Eh. I’d rather they go ‘vintage’ than try and update. And it can’t be worse than X3 (she says, cursing it from the outset.) But I was bored senseless by “Batman Begins” and fell asleep with “The Dark Knight”, while having been entertained by “Fantastic Four”, so take my comic-book-movie opinion with a Marvel-biased grain of salt.

  4. They had me wtih James McAvoy, honestly. :)

    Everything I know about the X-Men comes from the 90’s cartoon. Loved that show!

    I enjoyed the first two films. The third left me disappointed. Tried to do too much and didn’t do much of it very well. I’ve read the Astonishing X-Men comics (penned by Whedon) and they’re an entirely different flaver from all of the above.

  5. I read the big ‘Age of Apocalypse’ AU back in the day… Some of my first comics. Ironic, no? I LOVED them. Followed for a while after that, but was pretty blahed out by the post-AoA storylines and dropped ’em.

    I did try Whedon’s run. It was okay, I guess.

  6. I also read Whedon’s run on Astonishing X-Men, and enjoyed it, even though i really didn’t have a huge background on the material (other than the movies, and i agree with Dunc on the third one: two different good storylines mashed together into one bad movie)

  7. Overall I enjoyed Whedon’s X-Men run, though it wasn’t the awesomest thing ever. Some of it was neat and fun, some of it wasn’t so much. The art was good, though I got tired of the artist reusing panels and pasting on different word balloons.

    Out of curiosity I read “Ghost Box”, the first story arc after Warren Ellis took over the title from Whedon. Yeah…that was a huge pile of gross, disturbing and DO NOT WANT.

  8. I think it looks just as crappy as X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I don’t think the goofs at Fox can do anything more to destroy this franchise, but it looks like they’re doing their best with this one. Seriously, the X-Men comics are incredibly entertaining exactly as they are, but with every film the studio gets farther and farther away from the winning premise and style.

  9. Nancy: Now you’ve just made me unendingly curious about Ellis’ run on AX-M. I’ve heard that the production cycle on that run was insanely torturous for everyone involved.

    And this is a really strong trailer, actually. I wasn’t expecting much out of this film, but there’s a lot of really neat stuff on display here. I’m not sure how I feel about them trying to tie it in with the previous films, especially with the way that it ages the non-Xavier/Erik returning characters, but I’m actually interested now.

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