First Star Wars spinoff film is Rogue One; Rian Johnson (and MAY 2017) confirmed for Episode VIII confirms that the first standlone film will be called Rogue One.

Starring Felicity Jones, directed by Gareth Edwards and written by Chris Weitz, the story is based on an idea from John Knoll, who’s one of the executive producers. The film will shoot in London this summer and is due out December 16, 2016.

They’ve also (finally!) confirmed that Rian Johnson is writing and directing Episode VIII, which is set for May 26, 2017. A RETURN TO MAY!

Much of the personnel here we’ve already heard about, but the title Rogue One is our first detail that really points to what kind of film this will be. A female X-wing pilot? Bring it on.

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  1. Just from the name alone, and the casting of Felicity Jones who is a very talented actress, I think I can safely say that this sounds much more interesting than the proposed Boba Fett/Han Solo spin offs…

  2. I wonder if Rogue One indicates that this is the beginning of the Rebellion–possibly the story of how the Rebellion’s fighter pilot squadrons were formed? Maybe someone in the imperial academy steals an old X-wing? I think a story like this would be far more interesting than how the Death Star plans were stolen. Or maybe this is about the Death Star plans and Felicity Jones in playing Leia? That would be pretty cool.

  3. Wow. My favorite Star Wars book series was the XWing series. I was saying just the other day that it would be an awesome concept to go to for a standalone movie (or even trilogy) or high dollar TV series like Battlestar Galactica. I’m super excited now

  4. And I suddenly have interest in the spinoff films. Weird what two words can do.

  5. If this is set in the sequel era, can they write a mentor role meaty enough for Denis Lawson to accept? Won’t happen but I would love that.

    1. If it’s not that far into the post-ROTJ era (Rogue Squadron: The Next Class?) then they’d have to recast Wedge anyway, if they use him at all.

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