First Rebels teaser coming Monday to Disney XD

Rebels (logo)TheForce.Net and many others are reporting that we can expect to see a glimpse of Rebels on Disney XD next Monday, October 7. A 15-second teaser will run during the premiere episode of Mighty Med, which airs from 8:30-9:00pm ET.

However, the tease will not contain any clips from the show, which is, to be fair, almost a year away from airing. Curious… But we have to assume it’ll give Pablo something to talk about later that week at NYCC.

3 Replies to “First Rebels teaser coming Monday to Disney XD”

  1. They could also pull the whole “black screen, epic voice/sound/music” routine. Or do a Ken Burns stunt. Or simply go with “every generation has a legend”. :-)
    Either way, I hope this ends up on the web.

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