First peek at Vos in action on The Clone Wars

Being (happily) apathetic about the prequel EU means that my impression of Quinlan Vos pretty much comes down to ‘scowly bodybuilder.’ The clip is amusing, but does this jive with the Vos the rest of you are familiar with?

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  1. I’ll admit I haven’t read anything Vos is in – but my impression was not happy-go-lucky, pretty boy (see the flicking of the bangs) kind of guy.

  2. I have followed Quinlan Vos since his first appearance in the Dark Horse comics. It is hard to say if his appearance here jives with what we know about his personality from the comics. It is just one scene. In the comics he was usually a conflicted character. Usually serious but not completely without humor. I have to admit my first impression from the clip was that he was a bit too upbeat, but we don’t know at what point of the Clone Wars this is. It could be before his whole memory loss incident and his brush with the Dark Side.

  3. Yeah i agree Aaron. I think he looks pretty spot on as far as dress wise from first impressions looking at the clip. I think they used the phantom menace scene he was in for the basis of the charcter model although he does kind of resemble dave filoni a little

  4. Quinlan wasn’t portrayed as the dramatic entrance, hair-flipping type in the comics. (Okay, maybe dramatic entrance if he was walking out of some foggy, symbolic dark, wherein it had been implied that he had either been brooding or chopping someone into little pieces.) It’s early to judge, but he’s never made me laugh before. XD I wish they had put more of this character into Kit Fisto and less into Quinlan.

  5. When Vos was in the comic Clone Wars Adventures #9, he fought the Red Hand in the sewers in the episode “Life Below”, and he was cracking wise the whole time. They may go that route.

  6. @TitaniumWookie Aww, be positive. I may not be the biggest fan of TCW, but at least it gives the SW community something to do while we wait for the next book.

    @Steve. YES! That comic was pretty good. I’m a big fan of the Clone Wars Adventures.

  7. At this point, it’s hard to determine if they’ll go with his darker route or not. Either way, It’s really cool seeing these characters fleshed out further.

  8. i could envision Vos trying to show Obi-wan off as the stiff guy in front of his commander. while he didn’t necessarily bond as close to his troops as Anakin and Obi-wan did, Quinlan wasn’t much for sticking to formalities.

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