Filoni: Rebels is on “a more human level”


Dave Filoni is back in the Los Angeles Times, this time to chat up Rebels, addressing some of the fan concerns about what will be our our first real block of Disney-in Lucas-out content, how the show’s focus differs from The Clone Wars (“you won’t be watching those politics unfold”) and even a design element you might not expect:

“I know that Kathy [Kennedy] is a very big fan of [Japanese animator Hayao] Miyazaki, so I told [art director] Kilian Plunkett to look at his designs and what makes them so iconic and memorable,” Filoni said. That, combined with McQuarrie’s original “Star Wars” designs, is the look of the new “Rebels.”

He also touches on the Force (“a less-is-more scenario”) and, uh, fans talking about how certain characters will probably be killed off. (Guilty.)

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  1. Thank goodness. As much as I loved The Clone Wars and was thrilled with most of season 6, the interest rate arc reminded me of why I’m glad they are moving on from the prequel era.

  2. @Politics: If they had been presented in the way of James Luceno’s Cloak of Deception, politics would have been a fascinating addition to the story, but in The Clone Wars they were usually included in a more than trivial, anything but exciting and ultimately lackluster fashion. I’m not necessarily asking for House of Cards in the Galactic Senate, but just the thought of it is enticing to say the least. :-)

    @Human level: I think the main problem of The Clone Wars in that regard was that there were simply too many characters involved. You never knew which characters you would meet next time, and whenever somebody had made some personal progress, the show would leave him (or especially her) at that and jump to a different part of the galaxy. Also, there’s the chronology issue which kept interrupting everything. With Rebels, we seem to be getting a core group of characters and a straightforward chronology, so I’m fairly confident that things will be more compelling and easier to follow this time around.

    I’m pretty sure that I’ll complain nonetheless, but so far Rebels looks like a show worth watching (for a while). :-)

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