Fantasy Flight slips Mara Jade into Star Wars: The Card Game

tcg-mara-teaseLooking for some new Mara Jade artwork? Fantasy Flight Games slid a few image of Mara Jade into the base set of Star Wars: The Card Game, which came out in December. The game features artwork on all of the cards, ranging from concept art from Ralph McQuarrie to new artwork done for Fantasy Flight. While not directly named on any cards, Mara Jade makes her appearance as the Emperor’s Hand on two cards in the Sith deck sets for the Dark Side player.


‘The Hand’s Blessing’ has Mara with her goggles and gloves and hood.. and lack of sleeves. Clark Huggins is the artist of ‘The Hand’s Blessing’, which was also published in Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars RPG: Edge of the Empire: Beginner Game rulebook.


‘Force Stasis’ has Mara’s back with her trademark hair and violet lightsaber, and actual sleeves. The artwork for ‘Force Stasis’ is by Matt Zeilinger.

5 Replies to “Fantasy Flight slips Mara Jade into Star Wars: The Card Game

  1. Yeah, for some reason, Mara being sleeveless in “The Hand’s Blessing” doesn’t bother me…I think the image tells a better story than the other. Nice new Mara artwork, regardless!

  2. Argh more no-sleeves. But I like the rest of the drawing.

    Even though we can’t see her face, I love the “Force Stasis” because 1- SLEEVES! 2- Perfect Hair Color! Better than 90% of the Mara art out there.

  3. Always nice to get more Mara – butHand’s Blessin isn’t my cup of tea – she looks like some victorian maiden – and hood and hair are so obviosly unpractical that she has to use a hand to push them aside!

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