EXCLUSIVE: First look at Celebration VI programming

We’re only a few months out from Celebration VI, and, Friday’s announcement aside, news has been fairly thin on the ground so far. Luckily, Lucasfilm and Reed have give us at Club Jade a first look at some of the convention’s programming.

Head beneath the cut for some, ahh, treats.

The Main Event: Rick McCallum and Simon Pegg Debate the Prequels
It’s not as big an event as George Lucas/Jon Stewart, but this sounds fun even for those with severe prequel apathy. The press release describes it as “The bounty hunter versus the producer! On Saturday August 25th ONLY, the man behind the prequels squares off against the voice of Dengar, special guest host Simon Pegg! Whose side are you on?” I hope those 501st security guards will be wearing riot gear.

Roundabout with Seth Green
“Seth Green and Matt Senreich give a sneak-peek at a super-secret NEW Star Wars project!” Well, duh.

See the Celebs!
In the finest Celebration tradition, fans have the opportunity to pay Official Pix a rolling scale of $20-80 to stand in a never-ending line, just to get a glimpse of whatever Star Wars celebs they can chain to a card table get to come. I’m sure it will be very popular.

Hasbro Special Announcement: Star Wars is Magic!
Hasbro will announce their newest Star Wars crossover, and I’m just guessing, but I think, from the title, it may be ponies. You’re welcome, bronies. Again.

Versus: The Cage Match
Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like, fanboys: “Who could beat who in a fight,” the description says. “We won’t yell you – we’ll show you!” The 501st, Rebel Legion, and ‘select guest stars’ will participate. I expect this will be very popular. Sadly.

Team Han vs. Team Luke: A look at ‘ship wars in Star Wars fandom
Yes, seriously. We’ll be exploring the history of the Star Wars ship wars, from the early letterzine fights to the Jaina/Jag/Kyp wars of the NJO and beyond. Full disclosure: I’m on this panel as an an alum of Team Mara ’96.

Pitch your fanfic to LFL editors!
Here’s one that’s sure to be a hit (or ‘hit’) with our crowd, though I’m not sure it’s a wise move. (Can we blame 50 Shades of Grey?) Yes, editors of Lucasfilm and Del Rey will take and critique fiction pitches from fans. However, space will be limited – there are only 25 spots. Registration will open “soon.”

They didn’t send us any Expanded Universe or Clone Wars stuff – probably didn’t want too give much away prematurely.

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  1. Thanks for THIS! I was just thinking there are slim pickings so far – First time we’ve seen Rick at a Celebration since 2005. WELCOME BACK! He’s been missed. Should be an interesting session.

  2. Oh wow!!! My daughter is going to be so excited about the MLP crossover! Of course she will want Winx next, how to explain corporate co-branding to a 5 year old.. Winx is coming from Jaxx Pacific.

    Twilight Sparkle is a Jedi! Discord is a Sith! Rainbow Dash is Han Solo… If they go EU, Rarity as Thrawn?

  3. I LOVE standing in line for a glimpse of a star and pay ghastly amounts of money for a scribble on a bit of paper…I mean really…and standing in line to pitch my fanfic omg, now I have to buy tickets to come…

  4. I hope they will be selling Jedi Master level tickets for the main event, because there will be blood, and I want to be in the front row!!

  5. Quite hilarious guys! I particularly liked the fanfic idea! Oh, and of course I wouldn’t miss seeing the Rick and Simon debate! =P P.S. I’m coming to really enjoy April Fools on the internet!

  6. Can I be on the ship wars panel too? It actually kinda sorta ties in with that Luke/Han/Leia I read at Gen Con in 1996. Pick me! Pick me!! And really, Callista ALL THE WAY…. she’s Luke’s on twu luv

  7. […]Suvudu posted this humorous short story-slash-apology by Timothy Zahn, mocking the inconsistency of the Expanded Universe while bringing back that, classic character, Luuke.
    Club Jade posted a faux Celebration VI schedule, with celebrity guests and fight clubs. […]

  8. Bwahaha.

    Although I wouldn’t be surprised if we actually DO get some sort of Star Wars/MLP mashup somewhere down the line. (My money for a ponified Cad Bane!)

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