EUbits: Character Encyclopedia, Jedi Path TPB coming

New stuff! We’ve got an announcement for a Star Wars Character Encyclopedia from DK. I hope this means we’re not getting a mean we’re not getting a new Essential Guide to Characters from Del Rey, since the DK version promises only “Star Wars live action movie saga” characters in the same style as The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia. (Though I do expect this will be geared towards the younger fans than an Essential Guide, given the company it’s keeping.) It’s coming in June.

In less perplexing news the link also contains the news that a trade edition of Daniel Wallace’s The Jedi Path is coming in September.

Video. Early Darths Bane and Revan almost appeared in The Clone Wars, Dave Filoni reveals in his ‘Ghosts of Mortis’ commentary.

Press. Bonnie Burton’s Star Wars Craft Book is one of Library Journal’s spring picks. She’s the sixth one down.

Namesake corner. Nancy counts down her favorite Luke/Mara moments.

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  1. I doubt that the DK Character Guide will be in the same vein as the Del Rey Essential Guide series. The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia was cool, but clearly geared towards kids. Each character in it got one page, which was 70% graphics, and a stat box, and at most 2 paragraphs of text. It’s a good way to recognize and get basics on characters, but not get a whole biography on them.

    And if they are only focusing on the movie characters, chances are that they will also really on focus on the roles those characters had in the movies or some little background snippets.

    still if they are doing 200 characters or so, we might get some neat info and better imagery on some of the backgrounders.

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