EUbits: Zombies and other overexposed undead

Zombies? Zombies! has posted the first chapter of Joe Shreiber’s Red Harvest as a PDF. Hopefully that will hold you zombie fans off until the tail end of December.

Let it go. There was much discussion late last week on Twitter over the appearance of a character in a Clone Wars preview clip who had been previously killed off in some minor video game several years ago. Y’all might have a case with the Mando stuff (though I still can’t bring myself to care, because Mandos) but this? This is why the phrase ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ exists.

Interviews. Going back a bit, EUC has summarized some notable bits from an interview that the Fictional Frontiers podcast did with Del Rey’s Shelly Shapiro. She talks about Fate of the Jedi and links to Legacy. Also, Daniel Wallace talks The Jedi Path with

Street date shuffle. I made a few tweaks to our book release schedule this weekend… Nothing particularly noteworthy, just a few minor adjustments in mid-2011.

5 Replies to “EUbits: Zombies and other overexposed undead”

  1. So the prequel trilogy/Mando kids are allowed to pitch a fit when some dude from a video game comes back from the dead in TCW, but the gray-beards were all being unreasonable jerks when the prequel trilogy came along and spent a decade rolling all over the EU? That’s cool, I guess.

  2. The nice thing about Star Wars is that there’s something for everybody.

    The bad thing about Star Wars is that there’s something for everybody.

  3. The main point here is that Bounty Hunter really really sucked. Repetitive doesn’t begin to cover it.

    I think there will always be the odd continuity error with something as big as SW. Having said that you cannot compare trashing an entire culture to a minor character being brought back to life from a death suffered in a video game.

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