EUbits: Why did the Riptide cover change?

Why was the Riptide cover changed? Sue Rostoni answered a reader question on this the other day, saying “The sales folks at Random House weren’t sure it was strong enough — not as dynamic as they’d like.” Not sure I see it, but okay. (Personally, I’d rather they change up the Choices of One cover.) Compare them for yourself by clicking on the thumbnails at right.

In the future… J.W. Rinzler tweeted and then deleted about prepping for “a sequel of sorts” to The Jedi Path. Not a huge surprise in any case, though we all eagerly await details.

Canon, continuity, and The Clone Wars. A certain controversial event happened on last week’s Clone Wars. Leland Chee explains. (Spoilers for ‘Citadel Rescue.’)

Atlasery. Behold the sectors of the Mid Rim in the latest Essential Atlas extra.

Statistics 101. EU Cantina has a new staffer, Andrew, and for his first column he’s taken a look at the complaints that we’re getting less EU product lately.

Comics. Dark Horse’s solicitations for June include Lost Suns #1, Jedi: The Dark Side #2 and trades for Knight Errant: Aflame and the fourth A Long Time Ago omnibus.

On that note… John Jackson Miller’s Knight Errant novel answers, part the second.

6 Replies to “EUbits: Why did the Riptide cover change?”

  1. I personally prefer the first cover, but I can see why Lucasfilm decided to change it. It sort of almost looks like the cover on some romance novel. All you’d need is a woman in a night gown grabbing hold of his arms.

  2. So…what they’re saying about the Evan Piell contradiction is that one end of the EU doesn’t talk to the other and there’s still no canon established?

  3. the obvious fix: clones or an impersonator.
    the less obvious fix: he pulled a K’Kruhk, with the help of his fellow Jedi. we didn’t see his body go into the shroud that was cast into the lava, so he’s just offscreen, resting. Wouldn’t the Jedi on the Citadel have all felt it in the force if he died? Nope, it’s all part of a ploy to get away from Tarkin.

    the real continuity issue from this arc: not only are the clonetrooper numbers somehow keep increasing so that they can be killed off, now Artoo’s battle droid unit can do the same. now we know why so few clonetroopers can take on so many Sep units – they’ll die but magically a replacement will spawn at certain points. :P

  4. Was it just me, or did they totally rip off the Fellowship of The Rings in Citadel Rescue? Even Piell’s lava water fall “burial” is almost identical to Boromir’s.

  5. I think we should just consider the whole Cor. Nights triology and the whole Jedi Paladin blaster thing completely outside the canon. This provides us a good excuse.

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