EUbits: Where the hell are the female protagonists?

The blogside. Over at EU Cantina, Nanci has a lot to say about the disappointment that many were feeling about yesterday’s cancellation of the Nomi Sunrider novel, and why it’s important for the books to start nurturing their female characters. Meanwhile, at Roqoo Depot, Lane has something you can link to your curious friends: An introductory roadmap for the Expanded Universe.

Sneak peeks. There’s been an abundance of previews for Essential Guide to Warfare. Three on Facebook (a map, Lando at Taanab and one of Luke and Daala. Dude is too old for the shag, not that I’m advocating a return to the Wall Street.) plus 10 more at io9 today. Lots of ships and battles and things, but there is one of Anakin and Ahsoka.

Fate of the Jedi. Yet another mini-excerpt from Apocalypse, plus a link to Roqoo Depot’s giveaway.

Interview. Knights Archive talks to Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff about Shadow Games and the upcoming fourth Coruscant Nights book.

Review. James is kinda meh on Crimson Empire III: Empire Lost #5.

4 Replies to “EUbits: Where the hell are the female protagonists?”

  1. Am I the only one who had completely forgotten that Dalaa has an eye-patch? It’s such a defining physical feature that you would think it would get some mention every once in a while, but I don’t remember any of the FotJ authors ever making a note of it.

  2. I HUGELY forgot she lost an eye, to the point where I actually asked about that on Facebook. She doesn’t have the patch anymore though, that’s why they don’t mention it in FotJ. She got a replacement eye.

  3. I have this inner canon that imagines part of the reason for the ban on Jedi marriage is that the Jedi partner will wind up (inadvertently) harming the non-Jedi. That maybe Padme died, not simply because of a traumatic birth, but because of the possible Force effects of the sudden, violent end of their relationship. Maybe a Jedi’s emotional attachment is a subtle poison.

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