EUbits: The Jedi Path marches on; HttE 20th details

The Jedi Path. I have yet to see any copies in a brick-and-mortar store yet, but The Jedi Path has been dominating the news cycle. There are interviews with Daniel Wallace at TheForce.Net, and Geekdad, plus a feature on – which is probably your best bet for getting a copy right now.

More on Heir anniversary edition. First, Del Rey’s Suvudu blog confirms that Timothy Zahn is working on the annotations, while Sue Rostoni has confirmed that they are “looking into some variations of a special cover.”

Comics CBR has features/interviews on John Jackson Miller’s Knight Errant and Tom Taylor’s Blood Ties arc.

Columness. EUC’s latest columns are on zombies and Boba Fett. I am so clearly not the intended audience here. (She says with a resigned, sisterly affection.)

Two-for-one classic comic artists. The next Star Wars Insider will feature an exclusive Howard Chaykin cover and poster, while a Star Wars drawing by Jack Kirby surfaces on Twitter.

6 Replies to “EUbits: The Jedi Path marches on; HttE 20th details”

  1. Wasn’t that the same Kirby drawing done for the original SW Galaxy set by Topps, back in the early 90’s?

  2. I am reading my copy of Jedi Path, right now. It’s awesome and the annotations surprisingly funny.

    And there’s nothing quite like a whole presentation when getting out your book. :)

  3. Isn’t Jedi Path an Amazon exclusive? Or did I get my wires crossed somewhere?

  4. Is the amazon version diffrent? I’ve only seen a little bit of the amazon versi0n for kindle, I’m confused

  5. The only real difference was that it came out earlier on Amazon than in the bookstores.

    It does come in the fancy box with some extra little tidbits, but you could that in bookstores, too.

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