EUbits: The Clone Wars taking Dark Horse’s Slaves of the Republic to the screen

Adaptions. On the Dark Horse boards, editor Randy Stradley says that The Clone Wars comic book storyline Slaves of the Republic is being adapted for the show. Could that be the slave storyline the season 4 trailer hints strongly at? The comic was scripted by The Clone Wars’ then-head writer Henry Gilroy.

And yes, that is the one brought us Ahsoka in a slave girl outfit. Maybe that bit won’t make the cut.

Fate of the Jedi. Christie Golden’s Ascension will debut at #7 on the New York Times’ bestseller list, Del Rey tweeted this morning.

Short stories. A new story from Paul S. Kemp, ‘A Fair Trade,’ will appear in the October issue of Star Wars Insider. It will feature characters from Riptide.

People. Republic and Legacy artist Jan Duursema now has a Facebook fan page.

5 Replies to “EUbits: The Clone Wars taking Dark Horse’s Slaves of the Republic to the screen”

  1. That’s actually really cool. Though I suppose its not entirely surprising since most of the first Clone Wars spin off stories were inspired by unused scripts for the show, e.g. the carbonite plotline used in both Shipyards of Doom and The Citadel.

  2. When I first heard at Comic-Con that a comic story was being turned into an episode (or arc) for the show, I secretly hoped it would be the Kit Fisto and young Ozzel on an icy world in “In Service to the Republic”

  3. I suppose that’s a big credit to the comic but… c’mon. They must have plenty of great stories just waiting to be unleashed. Why do one that’s already been told?

  4. I’m intrigued to know what these means for canon. Will the comic and the episode both be separate incidents that happen to be quite similar? Or is the episode considered the true version of what happened, but extra details from the comics are still relevant (like the movies and their novelisations)? Or will the comic just become non-canon?

    Ultra-nerdy I know, but these are the questions raised by a single, unified continuity.

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