EUbits: That Blood Oath thing, a FOTJ short, Bohnhoff on rollercoasters, Invasion, TOR

Zekk and Leeloo take a trip to FabiovilleBlood Oath in flux. The fan sites and forums are seeing some buzz about the strange vanishing of Elaine Cunningham’s whatever-happened-to-Zekk paperback from the various online catalogs and booksellers. (Last things we heard were a cover and a postponement.) It is rather mysterious, but I’m willing to wait this one out…

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  1. Interesting that Blood Oath has disappeared. We don’t really get enough post-prequel books about characters not in the big three and it would have been neat to see if Zekk could have carried his own book. Not sure there’s enough character there for that.

  2. If they were going to discard it in the outline stage, I don’t think we’d have heard quite so much about it. Remember, it was originally supposed to come out this spring.

  3. I’ll bet the outline of the book was weak so they discarded it. I’m not a Zekk fan, but I’m supportive of all books that are strictly about EU characters and not the movie characters.

  4. You know, we’ve been given a lot of “Blood Oath” information. Even a cover page. Why cancel the book now? I was really looking forward to this novel, because it wasn’t going to be following the main characters seen in the rest of the LOTF so much.

    And now Elaine Cunningham has deleted her LJ account… What the heck is going on?

  5. We have heard quite a lot about it haven’t we? Wasn’t there even a full blurb for it a couple of months back? And isn’t this the one that they sent the covor back for because it was deemed too “steamy?”

    Maybe the book as a whole was deemed to be too racy, even after rewrites and got nixed until an acceptable draft could be produced. Seems as likely as just about anything else at this point.

  6. Actually, that’s kind of an interesting thought… I’ll look into this myself later, but does anyone remember a Star Wars novel getting canceled before? It isn’t something that I ever paid attention to in the past.

  7. A duology during the NJO… A prequel novel… And a couple waaay back in the 90’s. (Anderson did an intro to the Dark Empire TPB that mentioned at least one SW novel that was never released.)

    It’s certainly not unheard of.

  8. Interesting stuff, thanks Dunc. It’s funny the stuff that you miss when you try and distance yourself from fandom for a while.

  9. I only remember a handful – the Flint, the Weis, the Stackpole and the Luceno. (Thought Escape from Dagu was a Republic storyline, actually. Prequel EU, at least pre-blogging, is not my strong suite.)

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