EUbits: Scourge cover, Mitchell leaves Del Rey

First look. Suvudu revealed the cover for Jeff Grubb’s Scourge today. Yet another generic musclebound dude with a lightsaber, ho-hum. But given it’s a book featuring an all-new character and Hutts, I’m clearly not the target market here. Still, let’s hope it looks better on the actual book.

Staffing. Editor Betsy Mitchell, who’s been with the Star Wars novels since their rebirth in the early 90’s at Bantam, is leaving Del Rey. New hire Frank Parisi is taking over Star Wars and other tie-ins.

Hey! We know that guy! Dan Wallace in the St. Petersburg Times.

Casting games. Suvudu has the ‘winners’ of their attempts to cast Heir to the Empire. The less I say the better.

Excerpts. A new one for Riptide.

Reviews. James reviews Jedi: The Dark Side #5 and Knight Errant: Deluge #2 at Big Shiny Robot.

Namesake corner. Still no Mara Jade tee from Her Universe, but at least you can grab a fan-made one.

7 Replies to “EUbits: Scourge cover, Mitchell leaves Del Rey”

  1. I don’t know that we can really call New Cover Guy “musclebound.” Generic, certainly. I very much like the typesetting and the use of white space, though.

  2. The cover is un-inspiring I have to say. I’m not too interested in this book in general. I’m being more selective these days as I feel some of the books are a bit pointless. Shadow games for example just makes me yawn. Didn’t bother with Choices of One either.

  3. I have to agree with Doyle, “musclebound” wasn’t my first thought, but ‘generic’ certainly fits. I actualy don’t like the white background–it looks like homemade self-publishing Photoshop kinds of covers.

    The “casting poll”…uh…well, I could actually get behind Hugo Weaving as Thrawn. The rest of them…okay, nothing against Nathan Fillion but he’s really best as quasi-goofball Castle. Maybe it’s just in Firefly he was dealing with Whedon scripts so you never could be 100% sure it was serious and not hipster Buffyspeak irony time (which is amsuing for a while but not really deep) but I don’t really think he could carry off Han.

  4. I was at that event at the college.
    Sadly only mention I got was I was the jedi there.
    The reporter interviewed me but oh well.
    It was nice to meet Dan I did not get to see him at CV.

  5. Uh. Huh. So, I just got bored enough to look at that casting list. Can’t say that I agreed with a single selection. Bryce Dallas Howard is a great talent, and I would take her over Scarlet Johanssen any day, but she’s never demonstrated anything like the physicality that Mara needs. And I’m sure that Fillion could play an interesting take on Han–especially back when he was in top-level Slither/Serenity physical shape–but it’s way too obvious and nerdy of a choice.

    Besides, he would be way better as a recast Indiana Jones.

  6. The dude on the front is meant to be a librarian, looks a tad too bad ass for that.

    I liked some of the castings, not sure about Han or Leia but I think Kris K would be a good C’boath. If only they would actually make this film!

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