EUbits: Revan can’t wait, Facebook chats, and Book of the Sith

Something something Sith. Flavor-of-the-month The Old Republic: Revan was everywhere last week – in fact, I daresay we have shortage of other Expanded Universe news, which makes this the shortest roundup I’ve done in a while.

There’s an interview with Drew Karpyshyn at Barnes and Noble, new excerpts at Random House and Entertainment Weekly, and Pete of Lightsaber Rattling will be giving away a copy when he reaches 500 followers on Twitter. The book still isn’t coming out until the 15th.

Chats. TFN has recapped the Facebook talk with Ryder Windham and Pete Vilmur, while another with Paul S. Kemp has been scheduled for Wednesday.

Same line, different Sith. Dan Wallace reveals a bit about the Book of the Sith on his blog.

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  1. I cannot wait for this book, I love the Revan character, the twist in KOTOR was cool and obviously he’s a very intriguing Sith/Jedi. Liking the Old Republic exploration Lucas Books is currently doing.

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