EUbits: More Red Harvest, Pablo, comics, and Mara Jade

Read Red Harvest After releasing the first chapter of Joe Shreiber’s Death Troopers prequel a few weeks back, has gone on to post chapters two, three, and four. If they keep going, will there be anything left for folks to read by the time to book actually comes out?

Interview with an internet rockstar. Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo talks to Mexican fan site Datapad de Korpil about his fandom activities before LFL, his books, and the editorial process.

Comics. Dark Horse’s February solicitations include Knight Errant: Aflame #5, Darth Vader and the Lost Command #2, Legacy: War #3, and a pair of trades. Meanwhile, has a Knight Errant atlas extra, and Tom Taylor reveals the cover of Invasion: Rescues #6.

Namesake corner. The 501st’s costume reference for Mara Jade’s jumpsuit. Sure, many of us aren’t fans of the outfit (Doesn’t a sleeve-gun kind of necessitate sleeves? Also, this.) but we can’t blame the legion – they’re only following in Dark Horse’s footsteps.

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  1. The idea that Mara was wearing the same outfit during her Imperial service that she wore while working for Karrde is just a wee bit silly.

  2. Dooh – that Mara outfit drives me sick. Nothing of it just makes sense. And yeah LOL – that sleeve- gun.. it never made its way to the comics, did it?

  3. Ha! JawaJames beat me to it. Sorry folks, but I think that, next to the camo jumpsuit, this design is outright brilliant. And honestly, is it THAT bad of a design? The catsuit thing has been done to death, but at least it all comes together fairly nicely and wasn’t built around showing off as much cleavage as possible.

    And if I recall correctly, this design came out of the comic-book adaptation of the Thrawn trilogy, so if we want to play off of the old comics cliche thing the fact that Mara came out of it with any modesty intact is a serious achievement.

  4. Then again, I’m one of those weirdos who thinks Han DOESN’T wear that vest more often than not.

  5. Oh Pablo, you should know that no one’s bought any new clothes since the end of RotJ. Book covers wouldn’t lie to us now, would they?

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