EUbits: Looking ahead to Rebels

Luke, Leia and HanRebels. Austin at Fandom Apocalypse takes a look at what we know about the forthcoming Rebels series that was announced last summer. He reached out the authors Martha Wells and Kevin Hearne, who are handling books on Leia and Luke.

The blogside. Tor’s Ryan Britt explores the differences between A New Hope and its novelization. What’s a duck? And Tosche Station’s Bria continues her EU retrospective after Endor with True at Bakura and Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor. And over at Big Shiny Robot, Bryan lets the darkness take hold wondering if The Clone Wars won’t be coming back at all.

Podcasting. After something of a hiatus, EUCantina’s EUCast is poised to make their return soon. In the meantime, here’s Episode 0. And if you’re interested in podcasting, Tosche Station host Brian wrote at length about the gear you’ll need and what he uses.

Frames gets cheap(er.) spotted an Amazon listing for a paperback edition of the fancy screenshot book Frames. At $150 retail it’s still not pocket change, but seeing as the original would set you back $3000… Amazon being Amazon, we’d wait for official details before pre-ordering, though.

Interviews. Paul S. Kemp talks about Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons and his non-franchise work with SF Signal. And Timothy Zahn chats Scoundrels on Fictional Frontiers.

4 Replies to “EUbits: Looking ahead to Rebels

  1. Yes, but the full retail cost (also on Amazon) is $150. That’s why I said “$150 retail.” That’s the official price, if Amazon is to be believed.

  2. Dunc, if you preorder with Amazon they’re contractually obligated to respect the lowest price shown for the book. So if you preordered today, you’re guaranteed $95, even if the price goes up in the meantime. Amazon’s whole business model is in driving prices below retail. :)

  3. Yes, I am aware of how it works. But for the purposes of this post, I went with the full retail number because that is (presumably) the price we’ll be given when this is officially announced.

    I’m not in the business of doing buying guides and price comparisons. (At least, not this time of year.) Folks can do that on their own.

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