EUbits: Grant Gould’s ‘Thrawn Legacy’

Namesake corner. Artist Grant Gould did a Thrawn trilogy/Tron: Legacy mashup for the cover of his 2011 sketchbook. I LOL’ed.

I gotta see how they managed that. Apparently there’s a full-color excerpt from the Knight Errant comic in the Knight Errant novel. The paperback. It’s on glossy paper, but is it readable at that size? I guess we’ll find out. Maybe we should ask author John Jackson Miller, since he’s taking questions and all.

Map love. Entertainment Weekly dug up the galaxy map from The Essential Atlas, so it’s been making the rounds. Again! Oh, internets.

Comics. Dark Horse has posted a preview for Legacy: War #2.

Review. Book Legion says Year by Year is the “best Star Wars book to date.”

3 Replies to “EUbits: Grant Gould’s ‘Thrawn Legacy’”

  1. LOVE that Thrawn Legacy cover!

    I kept seeing the map around and thought maybe there was a new excerpt out. I was sad to find out it was the same stuff from last year. It got reposted everywhere. So annoying.

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