EUbits: Get the full story from NYCC

NYCC. Aaron Goins writes up last weekend’s Star Wars Books panel. We may have gleaned the big news then, but there’s more here. Since he was in town, Suvudu talked to Pablo Hidalgo about The Essential Readers’ Companion and Timothy Zahn about Scoundrels. And Tim Zahn met the Emperor!

Interviews. EUCantina talked to Del Rey’s Erich Schoeneweiss about winning back jaded fans, editorial decisions and even those Stover rumors. (Spoiler: Don’t hold your breath) and more. Meanwhile, there’s more Pablo over at BSR, and Bombad Radio has Drew Karpyshyn.

The blogside. On the occasion of old stories coming out into the light again, Charlene Newcomb writes about the birth of Alex Winger. And Steve Sansweet learns to love his action figure book.

Sword of the Jedi. All the news is above, but here are Shelly Shapiro, Jennifer Heddle and Frank Parisi discussing the series with Christie Golden.

HORRORS! Tosche Station’s Nanci is rereading the Jedi Prince books. Oh dear.

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  1. Re-reading Jedi Prince sounds wacky. Slightly suicidal. And amazing. ;-) Maybe I should do that with the Black Feet books. I tried once, but it was just too horrible (starting with Luke rebuilding his father’s fortress or whatever that was). Hmm, looks like a plan for christmas. :-P

  2. Black Fleet, of course. Though there might have been black feet in those, too. ;-)

    1. Black Fleet has some weirdness – particularly the Lando subplot – but for the most part I just found it boring. I actually forgot most of it… What I recall most is the whole thing with Luke and the woman who claimed to know his mother – which was clearly BS from the start, because it was 1996. But it’s nowhere on the level of Jedi Prince.

  3. I’m always surprised by how much love BFC gets from certain parts of the fandom. I remember wanting to throw my book against the wall numerous times.

    And yes, I am crazy. Please send chocolate.

    Thanks for the link!

  4. I actually reread some of the Black Fleet Crisis over the summer, particularly Luke’s wild goose chase, and actually? Some of what was in there is actually some good character writing. Of course, in hindsight the “mother” backstory is ridiculous, but I found a lot of well written introspection about parents and children and how Luke was *still* dealing with his “relationship” with his father. YMMV, of course, but for folks interested in that aspect of SW as I am it’s worth a re-read, in my opinion.

  5. I have a certain fondness for BFC because the author lives here in the Lansing area (he did as of 1999, anyway) and I met him the day Ep. I premiered – a friend’s girlfriend had been a classmate of the author’s son and she convinced me to randomly show up on his porch at something like 8pm. True story. He was very kind to us. (Also, the BFC cover designs were yet another in a series of “first book red, second book blue” in the Bantam run, which amused me greatly.) The books themselves…I remember only bits and pieces.

    Nanci…the mind boggles. :) You could probably develop a drinking game (or five) as you read them!

  6. Jedi Prince drinking game?

    Take a shot every time you run into an acronym on the page. Liver failure by the time you hit page 20.

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