EUbits: Do we need George Lucas?

The blogside. With a title like ‘We Don’t Need George Lucas,’ the latest Action/Reaction over at EU Cantina was was bound to be controversial. Chris has some interesting points (yes, George Lucas worship does get out of hand from some aspects of fandom) but I don’t really agree with everything he says (I have no regrets on our coverage of Red Tails or Amanda Lucas) And course we’ve always had coverage of things outside the realm of Star Wars and the Expanded Universe. I’m not so fond of the ‘telling other people how to be a fan’ aspect, but it’s certainly an issue worth giving some thought.

Street date shuffle. In responses to a query about Paul S. Kemp’s duology, Frank Parisi says it’s “a very ambitious project” but the first book won’t be coming out this November as it was previously (tentatively) scheduled.

Excerpt. The latest mini-excerpt of Denning’s Apocalypse comes with bonus audio linkage.

Photoshoppery. What if Judy Blume wrote Star Wars books? (Bonus linkage.)

Review. James looks at Dark Times: Out of the Wilderness #4.

6 Replies to “EUbits: Do we need George Lucas?”

  1. Ugh. There’s a real sense of superiority in that article when he derides many fans for their lack of cinematic knowledge.

    Also, he’s misunderstood the auteur theory in places (Lucas isn’t a great example as he has complete control, the theory was about directors asserting influence in spite of control) and misappropriated it in others. If he’s disagreeing with the theory (as he seems to when he says that “it was never about George Lucas”) then he can’t really say the EU writers are the ‘auteurs’ of the EU.

    That said, I agree that EU authors should get more credit, and the GL worship in some areas of Star Wars online goes too far.

  2. For someone who claims that I don’t understand the auteur theory (your interpretation of the theory, while valid, is no more right or wrong than my own), you certainly don’t understand the word “deride” if you think that’s what my column does to fans. It doesn’t. My column invites those who don’t normally leave their Lucas cocoon to try new things that are in the same vein as Star Wars. I’m sorry if you felt that was me being superior, while your own rude comment projects the demeanor of superiority, but that isn’t the case with what I wrote. And I should know, because I wrote it.

  3. Your title wording is much easier to swallow.

    I think you sum it up nicely, Dunc. I wont apologize for anything I choose to post on my site. If anyone has issue with that, don’t read my articles. *shrug*

    Also, life *does* exist outside of the internet. Just because I post Star Wars/the occasional Lucas update, that doesn’t mean I don’t have other interests or don’t involve myself with other genres. I have 3 other non-Star Wars sites in my control, and have a full plate of family responsibilities like most people.

    The things I choose to talk about online are (1) the things I care to share with complete strangers, and (2) all the time I care to devote to said online time. Not gonna change that for anyone. Well, anyone other than my wife. :p

    Also, pointing out what we perceive to be unreasonable obsessions seems rather pointless. I think we all could be accused of obsessing of some sort. “You obsess about X” Well, you obsess about Star Wars. Or, you spend too much time on the internet. Or, you worry too much about what other people are talking about.

    Like my pappy always said, when you point your finger at someone, you’ve got three fingers pointing back at you.

  4. I say yes, we need Lucas. He has given us the “Clone Wars” and that has been the best Star Wars since EP III. His work on the “Clone Wars” with Dave has been top notch. So I say give the man a break and let him do his thing with his creation.

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