EUbits: Dark Times returning, TOR, Endor

Comics: There’s a new update from Editor Randy Stradley on Dark Horse’s Star Wars Zone, and it’s of particular interest to you Dark Times fans. A new story will appear (online, for free) in the January and February issues of Dark Horse Presents on MySpace, with the comic coming back into regular rotation with #13 in April. (Thanks, Zee Zee!)

2 Replies to “EUbits: Dark Times returning, TOR, Endor”

  1. Woot — Castaways of Endor has been kicking in limbo for close to 8 years. It was co-written by Amy Pronovost, who also provided new, original illustrations for its current Hyperspace incarnation.

  2. The only thing I miss about our original Castaways is the loss of the gaming stuff. I’ve already told some fans I might try to dig up those old stats somewhere.

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