EUbits: Get Crosscurrent early with Kemp giveaway

CrosscurrentFree book, sort of. Paul S. Kemp is giving away three signed, unbound galleys of his January Star WarsCrosscurrent. Enter through Dec. 18.

The blogside Karen Miller finished the rewrite of Clone Wars Gambit: Siege this week – twice. And Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff takes a look at forceful women and… Pets. When’s the last time we saw pets in the EU? I’m not sure I want to know. (Pittens in Children of the Jedi? Oye vey.)

Hyperspace. Discounting the Wookieepedians (with their love of War and Peace-sized character entries,) only Jason Fry could dedicate a week to Xim and the Tion Cluster.

Your moment of zen. The TFN boards have been quite the font of hilarity lately. First there’s the otter thing, and then the LULZ of reading KJA. Of course, then along comes something like this. Oh, TFN.

4 Replies to “EUbits: Get Crosscurrent early with Kemp giveaway”

  1. Technically the Crosscurrent giveaway isn’t really free — you have to pay for shipping. Still, I’d rather only pay for shipping AND have a unique copy of the book.

  2. There are pets in the EU right now, or at least a pet. There’s a whole plot around shopping for a pet; Han and Leia take Allana/Amelia to an animal exhibition, Things Happen, and Allana ends up bringing a tiny nexxu cub along on the Falcon.

  3. Wish I could take credit for all of Xim Week, but that should really be shared out between Mike Kogge and Pablo Hidalgo. Mike had his mindblowing Despotica ready to go, and Pablo was the one who decided to put everything together as Xim Week. My contribution (which came with great maps and some terrific suggestions from Modi) was the least of it….

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