EUbits: Crimson Empire III blitz blasts off

Crimson Empire III. I’m sure we all have things in fandom whose popularity mystifies us. I have many – enough for a complete post, probably – but perhaps one of the oldest is the appeal of Crimson Empire. Is it the eternal love of Dark Horse’s fanboys for bland musclebound men kicking ass? Or that, for years, the third series was dead and the story of Kir Kanos unconcluded? I don’t know. I’m not sure I really care. But for those who do, it’s on now — and mere months away. On Friday, Dark Horse revealed Dave Dorman’s cover for Crimson Empire III #1 and two interior pages from the Dark Horse Presents story. Meanwhile, Mike Richardson and Randy Stradley talk about the series with

Deceived. Gotta love it when the author does their own review roundup. Got questions for Kemp? He’ll be doing a chat on the Star Wars Book Facebook page on Wednesday.

Historic! Shadowlocked takes a look at 20 years of the Expanded Universe. I have a few quibbles – Shadows of the Empire didn’t have a video game based on it because it was popular, but because the whole enterprise was a marketing test run for the PT… And I’m pretty sure Traviss never claimed to have Zahn’s blessing to kill off Mara – but it’s still a fairly interesting primer.

Interview. John Jackson Miller at MidSouthCon.

And finally… You can get an Insider subscription no matter where in the world you live. Handy!

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  1. I always attributed Crimson Empire’s popularity to the fact that it wasn’t Dark Empire, which was off putting to many. Crimson Empire was more your standard super-hero-y fanfare. As such it is remembered through some very, almost opaquely, rose tinted glasses.

  2. Crimson Empire’s popularity might stem from the same thing that made Boba Fett so popular – taking a faceless mystique of a character and turning it into the star: living by a code, kicking butt and taking names. It also delved into an Imperial point of view, which few comics at that point were doing, but also kept the protagonist fighting against the Empire, which had betrayed him.

    Kir Kanos is like a lone samurai or knight (or Jedi), who was loyal but then became an enemy of the state when he was betrayed, and is now on his own, forging his own revenge with his sword. Add in adopting a bounty hunter disguise from time to time.

    I, for one, am looking forward to seeing Kanos’ story continue.

  3. I’m with jawajames. I devoured CE when it came out and loved it. Didn’t enjoy CE II as much, but still enjoyed it. I haven’t read them in years but I’m still excited that CE III is finally becoming a reality.

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