EUbits: Apocalypse blurb, Myri’s with the Wraiths

Fate of the Jedi. For those still on board with the most tedious series since the nigh-endless New Jedi Order, there’s finally a blurb for the final volume, Troy Denning’s Apocalypse. I haven’t the slightest idea how spoilery it is since I have yet to make it past the first chapter of Ascension, so head on over to the link to check it out.

X-Wing. In happier news, Erich Schoeneweiss confirms EUCantina’s report that Face Loran will be back – and Myri Antilles will be flying with the Wraiths – in Aaron Allston’s Mercy Kill.

Interviews. Roqoo Depot has an interview with Jeff Grubb, who’s writing next year’s Scourge.

Staffing. Editor Frank Parisi has moved from Lucasfilm to Del Rey.

Review. Our own JawaJames reviews Dark Times: Out of the Wilderness #2 at Big Shiny Robot.

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  1. the first chapter was indeed Sith, and mostly new and minor ones at that, which did feel odd for a start of a novel in this series. but you don’t need to get too involved with them.

  2. The whole series has been a snoozer. Uninspiring villains/antagonists, too much focus on OCs I don’t care about…And it just feels scattered. I’ve been fruitlessly patient for 7 books, and never really been able to get into it… Meh. I’ll be glad to see the end.

  3. I really like this series, its managed to add the Sith back into the Universe in a non oh look its a minor apprentice/stooge of Vader/Palpatine way. While also changing their outlook and characteristics.

    Plus Abeloth is a very cool ‘baddy’ and any book that includes Luke Skywalker being a bad ass still gets my vote.

    Massive fanboy post i know but still…

  4. This series takes 9 books and several years to do what would have been a really neat 4 or 5 book series written by one author who could have kept everything coherent.

  5. I’ve never fallen asleep reading a Star Wars novel but it’s happened to me twice while reading this series. And I haven’t kept up with it, I don’t even know what the latest novel out is–something I’ve never done since HttE way back when.

    Abeloth is a good villain, I wish they’d stop dragging Luke’s ex-girlfriends into her path though. And yes, this series needed to be tied up and done within 4-5 books.

  6. I’ll agree that it could have been shorter. Lets say six books because I like to disagree while appearing to agree ;)

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