Episode VII rumors du jour: Matt Smith, Jason Flemyng

Matt Smith in Doctor Who The Matt Smith rumors are coming… Could he be the first (former) Time Lord to enter the GFFA? Bleeding Cool reports that the departing Doctor “went in for a role” in Episode VII.

I love Matt Smith and his run on Doctor Who, but would having him show up in Star Wars so soon after his turn as the lead in another iconic sci-fi franchise be a bit too on the nose? In any case, it’s only a report of an audition.

Another name knocking around at the moment – and a bit more solidly than Smith, assuming this isn’t another Funny or Die prank – is Jason Flemyng, who shared some script pages on Instagram. (Since removed, like that’ll help keep things under wrap.) Last time we heard from him he was saying that Matthew Vaughn was the Episode VII director though, so… Pass the salt.

4 Replies to “Episode VII rumors du jour: Matt Smith, Jason Flemyng”

  1. Peter Cushing also played Doctor Who, though technically he wasn’t a time lord. Dang, you got me. Never mind.

  2. By the time they get it done, there would be enough space between his Doctor role and the movie.

    But yeah. It kinda goes against wanting to cast unknowns.

    1. I’d say that anything short of a decade is too soon for anything less than the briefest of cameos…

      The Tennant Clone Wars thing was at least voice-only, which adds a degree of removal to “Hey, it’s the Doctor!”

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