Episode VII: Release dates, fan speculation, and other horrors of the news void

Stay on target!Release date hijinks. Bryan Young at Big Shiny Robot – with an assist from Variety – writes on why Episode VII probably isn’t getting pushed back to December. And Jeremy Conrad at Furious Fanboys points out that the shooting schedule for Episode VII actually mirrors the one from Star Trek Into Darkness.

And, for the record, there’s another possible date change rumor from Jedi News.

The blogside. Over at Fangirl, there’s a interesting piece on speculation and how having too much knowledge of the franchise puts fan bloggers in a precarious position. Personally, although I do and will continue to report rumors, I’ve been staying away from outright speculation – mostly because it just annoys me, honestly. I don’t mind spoilers, but as an EU and fanfic fan I’ve read more than enough half-baked versions of our favorite characters – and while I have no plans to go spoiler-free (none at all) I am willing to wait and judge on the finished product. Let’s not forget that it isn’t always the basic ingredients that make something succeed or fail – it’s the execution. And that we won’t see in full until the movie is in theaters.

Lucasfilm. Oh look, it’s the fairy musical again.

Actors. The Hollywood Reporter concern-trolls Harrison Ford. Harrison Ford does what he wants, damnit. And they also found a few Sith who’d be up for a return – Ray Park and David Prowse. Somehow I doubt a dude who can’t even get a Celebration invite is going to get a movie part, though.

8 Replies to “Episode VII: Release dates, fan speculation, and other horrors of the news void”

  1. No plans to go spoiler-free, Dunc? You’re my kinda people.

    I do enjoy speculation on the entertainment level. But on the wrong day, idiotic speculation is infuriating. I guess what I’m saying is that speculation stemming from a smart and enthusiastic place can be fun for me. But then again, I don’t do fanfic so my distance from half baked things probably keeps it a little more on the fresh side of things.

  2. Staying spoiler-free is just way too much work.

    I find pretty much all speculation infuriating, all the time. Particularly the EU-based stuff, which is usually spectacularly uncreative.

    I have some half drafts of my own piece on the speculation, but I don’t know if it will ever come to anything other than “Please shut up, you are all so wrong on the internet.”

  3. I sought out spoilers for TPM but did my best to stay “spoiler free for episode three”. It was damn difficult. I bet it’ll be almost impossible a decade later without staying off the Internet altogether.

  4. I plan to stay as spoiler free as I can without leaving the Internet and living under a rock. I don’t want to see the movie before I see the movie.

  5. I’ll probably stick to Supershadow. That way I can get totally spoiled without it ruining the movie in any way, shape or form.

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