Episode VII only uses IMAX for one sequence

ep7-imaxIn an article on IMAX, Variety reveals that J.J. Abrams only used the format for only one sequence. Here’s the graph:

“The benefits outweigh the headache of shooting on Imax cameras,” says Abrams, who used them for a single sequence in “Star Wars.” “The opportunity to have an action sequence for this movie done in Imax’s natural format was too delicious an idea to pass up. As a filmgoer, it’s something I want to see.”

Thanks to the photo proof, we know that IMAX cameras were on site for the Abu Dubai shoot – but also (unconfirmed) that Abrams had a whooping three of them on hand. Sounds like it’s going to be one hell of an action scene.

The article understandably focuses on a film that uses more IMAX and is coming out next week: Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.