Episode VII: More leaks, plus a clarification on the ‘big’ spoiler?

spoilers-swirl-bespin1Making Star Wars kept on after their big jaw-dropping reveal, dropping some info on stormtroopers and the Chewbacca concept art we’ve heard about, plus a new alien. However, if you did dare to read their big ‘I am your father’ rumor/spoiler, there’s a follow-up today that puts it in some perspective. Now mind, it’s STILL perhaps the biggest rumor/spoiler we’ve seen yet.

Meanwhile, on Tumblr, Nicole has some good thoughts on the spoiler, concept art, and what it means to the final product.

Now, while the big one hasn’t spread very far, there are some sites objecting to it even being posted. That part I can understand – I have no trouble reading and linking spoilers but I wouldn’t have leaked this myself. (Sorry, Jason.) But writing about it and acknowledging that it exists and that it’s the BIGGEST SPOILER EVER without even linking to it seems hypocritical at best and back-patting at worst. It’s still drawing attention to this thing you don’t think people should know. Sure, the spoiler is not that hard to find if one is even remotely clued into Star Wars fandom, but if you have a general audience it just seems cruel – not to mention a bit patronizing. There’s plenty of valid debate to be had about leaks and pre-release spoilers, but there have to be better ways to go about it.

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    1. I’ve black-barred this exchange out of respect for our spoiler-free friends, and I’m going to ask folks who want to discuss the big spoiler itself – and these developments – to take it to the first post, please. No black bars going in that one. ;)

  1. That Tumblr post you linked to from nicolecieux was a good read… there can be HUGE discrepancies between the concept art and the final product. Heck, look at the script development during Empire–in one draft, Anakin appears as a Force ghost on Dagobah (as in, he’s not Vader).

  2. Your sensitivity and respect on these issues is one of the many reasons I’m limiting my SW news for now through your site and the Forcecast podcast (they are similarly respectful of spoilers). I’m hoping the mainstream media is as well, as I’d like to remain as spoiler free as possible in the modern world going into this film…

  3. A thought that occurred yesterday when talking about what spoiler rumors would have been online if the internet was around for the Original Trilogy: those rumors would probably look a lot more like The Star Wars (Han as an alien, Luke as a general, etc.) than what was actually put on film.

    That said, the “holier than thou we heard this too and believe but won’t tell you” attitude from other sites sure makes it seem like at least at one point in the film development process things were moving in the direction of that spoiler.

    One of the things I’m looking forward to most about the movie now is seeing who was right about what.

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