Episode VII: Is New Mexico a possible location?

Where so many westerns have gone before...Rumor One Headlight Ink is reporting that New Mexico may also host some Episode VII shooting. Hopefully to some of the less familiar areas, if this pans out.

BUSTED. Bryan Young debunks a few of the internet’s less solid Episode VII ‘reports:’ That Han Solo and Boba Fett movies were ‘confirmed’ and a 2005 photo being passed off as a post-Episode VII workout Mark Hamill.

Actors. Jonathan Rhys Meyers talks to Entertainment Weekly about his Star Wars rumor.

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  1. There are some really wacky areas of New Mexico. I once drove from Austin, Texas, to the southern part of Colorado (South Fork/Durango region). The first leg was to Lubbock where we stayed the night. After Lubbock, we veered north to Amarillo and turned west. When you head into New Mexico west of Amarillo, it’s the craziest landscape I have ever seen. Like a moonscape, almost. Completely unreal, and beautiful and ugly all at once. Definitely not something I’ve seen on film before. Hope they do choose something unique.

  2. Zannah: I do think they’re both very likely subjects for spinoff films. What Bryan is debunking is that Disney or LFL has in any way confirmed that that’s the case. But everything we have about them – other than the mere existence of ‘origin’ films – is pure rumor.

    breathesgelatin: I’m kind of hoping for one of those ancient Pueblo cliff cities. Probably all delicate protected sites, but they’re just so neat.

  3. Not to split hairs but that photo is John Ford Point in Monument Valley on the border of Utah and Arizona.

  4. If it’s true, it could be about something as simple as Tatooine. Mr. Abrams doesn’t want to leave his family, after all, so shooting in a slightly closer desert than Tunisia would definitely help. Even though I admit that they would probably rather go back to Death Valley if Tatooine was what they were after.

  5. They filmed some of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in New Mexico. I know that they have full on sound stages there so in addition to the wide variety of scenery available for location shooting they could also do some of the sets there if Abrams doesn’t want to spend so much time overseas.

    1. Aaron: They filmed the Tatooine parts of ROTJ in Death Valley. You certainly don’t have to leave California to find plain old desert, so I hope it’s a new environment of some kind.

      Mike: It’s not going to stop anytime soon, and it’s only going to get worse. But I find it hard to get worked up about stuff that’s pretty clearly unfounded/misreported to begin with. Hell, the debunking was the first I even heard of that Han/Boba post, and I’m not exactly unplugged here.

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