Episode VII cast and crew are on Skellig Michael

The Movie Bit reports that J.J. Abrams, crew and at least one actor (who I won’t name for the particularly spoiler-wary) have arrived on Ireland’s Skellig Michael to begin three days of filming. They’re expected to be there through Wednesday. Getty Images has photos of the arrivals. Stalkertastic! (via)

4 Replies to “Episode VII cast and crew are on Skellig Michael”

  1. Note that Mark’s daughter has the words “AVCO” on her backpack…

  2. I couldn’t help but notice how much this island reminded me of the locale Mara found Luke and C’Boath at in DFR.

    So, I expect we’ll see the full-scale Skipray Blastboat in the next Force for Change video.

      1. Add “How to Pronounce Joruus C’Boath” to the list of things EU fanboys and fangirls to be upset about come 2015.

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