Episode VII adds two new cast members

Pip Andersen, Crystal Clarke

StarWars.com interrupts this holiday weekend to bring us… “Thomas” and “Rachel.” For real, this time: Pip Andersen and Crystal Clarke have won the coveted open call parts.

The update also contains some brief production information, including a two-week hiatus coming in August. Meanwhile, Harrison Ford is “doing well and is looking forward to returning to the set soon” as shooting – and the release date – remain “on track.”

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  1. Am I the only one thinking that this cast is getting a little crowded? Granted, we don’t know the extent to which any of the revealed actors and actresses’ parts will be, but doesn’t the casting seem to be quite a bit for a Star Wars film?

    If everyone announced where to presumably play major roles, we’d be easily looking at a three hour film. Not that I’m complaining….That might be a nice change for a Star Wars film….

    But what are everyone else’s thoughts on this?

    1. You are never the only one.

      But given the amount of young/youngish folks we’re seeing, I’m beginning to wonder if this means we are going to see a Jedi academy – or some sort of school/college like environment (with plenty of spin-off potential, natch.)

      1. That’s what I’ve been wondering, too. (I’m also speculating: Imperial Academy students, or some sort of structured program for young Rebel recruits.)

  2. Oooh. I hadn’t even thought of that. But that would certainly make sense. Or alternatively, maybe some of these actors/actresses could be a part of that earlier rumor regarding a group of Sith Inquisitors or what not.

  3. The real news to come out of this: Making Star Wars’ sources are not what we had hoped they would be. They said Boyega/Ridley were Rachel/Thomas, didn’t they? And sure, you could argue that what they were trying to say was that Boyega/Ridley are the romantic/dynamic duo of the sequels (which I still believe), but that’s not what was reported.

    As to the new guys: Impossible to see the future is. My bet is that their roles are somewhere in between Owen/Beru in AOTC and Owen/Beru in ANH. Hopefully they won’t just say “hello”, but who’s to say? By this point, I’d be surprised if any of the story rumors we’ve heard so far had any basis in reality… Which leaves us with Tatooine, the Falcon, a new X-wing, and whatever anyone could piece together from the various photos.

    1. Yeah, but they’ve also admitted that (at least) some of their sources are basically people just hanging around Pinewood, not the kind of insiders who have script access. There has been a lot of guesswork going on. As I said earlier – rumor reporting is basically all one big game of telephone.

      I’m not saying they’re right, or even that any of it is real – I have no idea. But they have been fairly transparent on the nature of their ‘sources.’

    2. They could very well have used the same sides for these parts as well, meaning neither pairing is Thomas/Rachel or the original assumption remains. I don’t necessarily think this discounts any source just yet.

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