Episode VII: Abrams says snagging Star Wars is “an incredible thing;” Could release date get pushed back?

Abrams (mug)J.J. Abrams plays it close. E!Online caught up with the newly minted Episode VII director last night at the Producers Guild Awards, where he shockingly failed to give them any details about the original cast returning. He did say that getting the job was “an incredible thing” and “wildly surreal.”

Release date shenanigans? Comic Book Movie noticed a key line in The Hollywood Reporter’s Abrams story: “Episode VII is set for release in 2015, but sources say Abrams has not committed to that release date, meaning the date could be changed if the development process requires it.” There’s quite a crowd of other blockbuster-calibur films set for 2015, most notably the Avengers sequel, but personally? I rather hope we can go the full symbolism route and shoot for a 2017 release. (Or, maybe I’m just a fandom masochist.)

Bullet dodged? Slashfilm says that in-the-running Matthew Vaughn may have pitched Chloë Moretz (Hugo, Kick-Ass) as lead for Episode VII. I don’t dislike Moretz, but I can’t picture her in Star Wars. (Obligatory reminder: CJ is a fancasting-free zone!)

Speaking of dodgy… The Daily Mail is claiming that “battle scenes” may be filmed at an old quarry outside a shopping center in Kent. The quarry has been used in two episodes of classic Doctor Who, once standing in for the planet of – get this – Solos. But obviously, this one goes straight into the ‘shameless rumormongering’ basket.

8 Replies to “Episode VII: Abrams says snagging Star Wars is “an incredible thing;” Could release date get pushed back?”

  1. Battle scenes behind a shopping center huh? Two days after the director is announced? That J.J. makes shooting location decisions fast.

    With that said, everyone knows that filming is obviously going to take place at the little recreation of Endor outside of the Star Tours ride in Orlando.

    (Please somebody pick that ridiculous rumor I just made up and run it as a true news story.)

  2. Brian, just back from a long day at work and about to start posting on the site and am SOOO tempted to do a story about that and have you as the source of the story :-p

  3. Moretz seems to be great at playing a strong female character (Kick-Ass) so I’d gladly take her as the lead.

  4. I’d rather we get someone new/unknown, or at least someone who isn’t plastered all over the posters for half a dozen upcoming films.

    Plus, it’s kind of obvious and lazy, ala most fan castings, but then… If it was really a pitch, ‘Chloë Moretz’ is probably just shorthand for a specific look/type.

  5. By the time they start filming, effects technology will likely be good enough that the Doctor Who quarry would work just as well as a green screen studio. Might be worth it if it’s cheap enough and/or the natural lighting effect is sought after enough.

  6. I understand having a new actress, I just don’t know how Disney/LFL will feel about that (it’d be great if they went that route. Only time will tell)

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