“Dumbledore is gay” NOT most emailed story

On the BBC news website anyway. That honour goes to “Monkeys kill Delhi deputy mayor.”

Still, it’s a hot topic around the rest of teh internets. From cat macros to After Elton to the Times of London to the Christian Broadcast Network, this is bigger news than homicidal primates.

2 Replies to ““Dumbledore is gay” NOT most emailed story”

  1. I feel horrible for laughing. But what a way to go–immortalized as the guy killed by monkeys. It’s like being the Poodle Man from “No Cure for Cancer.”

  2. Spoke with my co-worker who was one of the winners. She said that the ovation after the announcement went on for five, solid minutes. It would have gone on longer had they not continually made requests for people to sit back down.

    She also commented on how much presence Jo has and that she really appeared to be comfortable on the stage. (She also spoke with every person who got their book signed. Dang.)

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